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Bradley James Yoga - Kundalini Yoga - Melbourne Australia

 Bradley James

Creator/Adv. Clinical Myotherapist, Yoga Practitioner, and Breath-Work Facilitator 



Bradley is the owner and creator of Lions Breath Wellness, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge. He has been practicing manual therapy for over 15 years, and has dedicated himself to learning the human form.  He has studied myofascial release, visceral mobilization, and sports therapy from leaders in the field. He is c0ntinously learning and improving through continuing education and practice.  He believes in a intuitive approach to the body, and works as a patient centered therapist.

Bradley is originally from Canada where he owned and operated a wellness collective, but has now made Melbourne his new home. He is currently spending some time in Northern NSW, looking to expand and grow this wellness collective even further. He will still be coming down to Melbourne regularly for treatment blocks, and is not currently accepting new patients.   Brad has also taught anatomy & physiology, sports therapy. and other clinical sciences at private colleges. He loves teaching and incorporates this passion into his treatment plans with patients.  


Bradley James Yoga - Kundalini Yoga - Melbourne Australia


 Remedial Massage Therapist, Sports Therapy, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Cupping, and Therapeutic Exercise


Hey I’m Luke! 

I come from a sporting background and am currently studying exercise physiology at Victoria University. As an adolescent I played footy, basketball and specialised in cross country and athletics.
When I was eighteen, I unhappily found out I’d snapped my left AC ligament; little did I know this would plant the seed for my future career path. This experience drew my focus towards the
importance of posture, soft tissue health and kinesiology both for myself, and subsequently for other people.

As a therapist I take a holistic approach, placing importance on correct biomechanics and teaching my clients as I’m treating. I believe doing this leads to better long-term results and mitigates recurring discomfort. It’s so rewarding as a therapist to see improvement in my clients’ quality of life each session. 

My treatment accommodates all body types including people with an athletic proclivity. During my Victoria University training I was lucky enough to be involved in recovery massage for the Western Bulldogs players at Whitten Oval which was great experience in treating elite athletes. I like to think of myself as a career practitioner and look forward to meeting with you. 


Bradley James Yoga - Kundalini Yoga - Melbourne Australia

 Magda Cymanek

Remedial Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, and Deep Tissue Practitioner 



Magda is Australia trained Remedial Massage Therapist and Integrated Bodywork Practitioner and has over 12 years of experience, working with athletes and dancers in Australia and overseas.

In the last few years her practice developed into a comprehensive style combining very effective techniques that can provide immediate relief to acute pain and can greatly improve chronic musculoskeletal problems.

She combines Deep Tissue Massage with Trigger Points Therapy and Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Exercise Therapy and Clinical Aromatherapy.

Magda works with sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, postural imbalance and building stability in the body for optimal alignment, mobility and movement performance. 

I believe reaching your full expression of fitness and health is an ongoing process that will change, fluctuate and it’s best when kept enjoyable, diversified and fun”. 

On top of normal injuries caused by physical trauma, sometimes we struggle internally with challenges that express themselves in our physical body in an attempt to heal. Reaching out through your physical body can put you back into the innate healing mode that we all have.  I believe there is intelligence that lives within your physical body that bypasses your mind, your logic and your ego. Respecting the timing of your body healing processes and embracing transformative power of mind-body connection is an integral part of my practice”.

 Magda has keen interest in detox and cellular regeneration processes to support natural regeneration processes of human body.  She is also trained in Thai Abdominal Massage, Watsu and elements of Aquatherapy.

She loves freediving, hot yoga, pilates, photography and travel and as a therapist regularly takes part in sports and holistic retreats.




Kate Gorrie 

Massage Practitioner



 A warm hello to you! My name is Kate & I’m very excited to be joining the team at Lion’s Breath Wellness as a Massage Therapist. I’m currently qualified to provide massages for relaxation purposes, as I have completed the Certificate IV in Massage Therapy at the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy & am now studying the Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy. I’m wide eyed & deeply curious at this stage in my massage therapy journey!

In parallel with my science-based research on human anatomy & massage, I continue to educate myself on spiritual understandings of the body, which is informed by my keen interest in Kundalini yoga & Pranayama breathwork. I understand that our bodies are capable of immense healing when we are present with a nurturing space that facilitates it. If you’re feeling at all stressed, overwhelmed or disconnected from your body, a relaxation massage is a great way to create ease in the body & calm the mind. I’m so happy to be able to facilitate this healing for others & look forward to sharing my knowledge.

Jessica Date 

Yoga Therapy & Breath-Work


Jessica is a Yoga Practitioner, Integral Energetics facilitator, and holistic practitioner specialising in nervous system-based health. Having studied at Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Science in Mysore, India.

She brings light and clarity to sharing this unique and traditional style of Yoga. The teaching and methodology of everything she has in her toolbox are focused around mind, body, and the breath. Inspiring people to start or deepen their journey in healing themselves, utilising the tools which are already available. Making links between the conscious and the unconscious.

With her main intention to take students beyond the mat to integrate the personal practice within their own life.

Achieving a consistent and mindful practice which will naturally result in enhanced health, vitality, clarity, emotional balance and an increased capacity of discernment

The aim is that the student reaches excellence in mind and body on their own without the aid of a teacher/facilitator.