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Bradley James Yoga - Kundalini Yoga - Melbourne Australia
Bradley James Yoga - Kundalini Yoga - Melbourne Australia


 Welcome to my world of holistic healing!  My name is Bradley Neate and I’m so pleased to have you inquiring about my services. With over 15 years of experience as a clinical myotherapist, I have embarked on an enriching journey, honing my skills and knowledge under the guidance of industry leaders. My passion lies in the intricate realm of myofascial release techniques and postural therapy, where I have cultivated a deep understanding of the body’s interconnected web.

In addition to my expertise in myofascial work and postural correction, I have delved into the realms of breathwork and somatic therapy. These invaluable tools have become an integral part of my practice, allowing me to offer a truly holistic approach to wellness.

My philosophy centers around the profound wisdom of the human body and its innate capacity for healing. I firmly believe that our bodies possess an incredible potential for self-restoration, and my mission is to help you tap into that innate healing power.

One of the cornerstones of my approach is my close collaboration with the nervous system. I work meticulously to establish harmony within this intricate system, guiding my clients towards alignment and optimal health. Through my therapeutic techniques, I empower you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, where your body’s wisdom takes the lead.

My life is a dedicated pursuit of knowledge and mastery in the art of healing the body. I have a profound respect for the uniqueness of each individual and their journey to wellness. It would be an honor to share my expertise with you, to support you on your path towards a healthier, more aligned, and vibrant life.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Your body is capable of incredible healing, and I am here to help you unlock its full potential.



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