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Welcome to the practice, your path to greater awareness

This is the start of a beautiful transformation


A COURSE to learn the basics
4 video lessons

Through this practice you will 

  • Learn to develop a inner strength that no one can take away
  • Calm anxiety and develop a deep intuitive sense
  • Build self-connection and learn more about yourself
  • Cut limiting beliefs that are holding you back from what you want in life.
  • Heal addictions and self-defeating patterns

Build A Meditation Practice Easily

Sign up and make the commitment today. The time is now.

5-Day Free Meditation

5 11-minute video lessons

Life is busy, so as a gift to you I would like very much for you to start with this 5-day free meditation challenge.

Once you sign up you will gain access to your first 11 minutes. Each day after that until the 5 days is up you will be prompted by email for the next session, and so on.

Please sign up and let me know how you went!

21-day  Meditation

$25.00 AUD
21 video lessons

Set the foundation for a consistent daily meditation practice.
These next 21 days are designed to challenge, inspire, and build inner strength so that you can make the big moves and stay grounded.
This program is designed for the busy working professional. All you need to do is sign in and follow the video, each session is between 11-20 minutes and covers a variety of meditation techniques.

What 15 Minutes a Day can Do


Meditation helps to balance the nervous system and brings a sense of peace and ease into ones life. 


In a world that is moving so fast, meditation helps to slow things down. We learn to focus the mind, breath, and body. 


Often times we look outwards for connection and purpose. In this practice of meditation, we look inwards and create a deep connection to the self. 


To get you started on your Kundalini Flow yoga journey simply sign up to get immediate access to our 5-day free daily meditation. Each day is 11 minutes and your course will be delivered via email with a link to the course portal to watch the video daily. Namaste and Sat Nam!

5-days of 11-minute meditations

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