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Myofascial Release in Melbourne – The Ultimate Path To Relaxation

Are you curious about myofascial release and breathwork practice? As you already know, the wellness world is ever-changing. Long gone are the days of clients requesting simple relaxation massages and calling it a day. On the contrary, more and more people are turning to wellness to relieve some of their issues since they’re already aware of the effect it has on their mental and physical health. Considering you’re a practitioner yourself, you’ve probably had your fair share of this as well! And since the goal is to provide your patients with the utmost professional and therapeutic care, now might be the perfect time to enrol in our training program for myofascial release in Melbourne.

What Is Breathwork and Myofascial Release Training

The training for myofascial release in Melbourne is an intricately developed technique that combines breathwork, myofascial release, and ligamentous tissues. While the main goal is to provide relief, the training will also teach you how to connect directly with your patient through wellness. Simply put, through myofascial release training, you’ll learn the wonders of human anatomy and the intricate healing world.

Our training for myofascial release in Melbourne is divided into four sections focused on a specific skill. It lasts for six weeks, and once you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to conduct both group and individual sessions for breathwork and somatic exploration, in addition to myofascial release and self-improvement.

Who Is Myofascial Release Training Designed For?

Any type of wellness practitioner can participate in our training for myofascial release in Melbourne! With that in mind, no matter if you’re an experienced massage therapist or a newbie who’s just begun dipping their toes in the wellness world, our doors are open for you!

Additional Information

Finally, we want to provide some helpful info regarding our training for myofascial release in Melbourne. We would love to embark on this educational journey with you, our 2024 begins June 14th-16, 2024 and completes September 24th, 2024.

  • Level 1 – June 14th-16th 2024;
  • Level 2 – July 12th-14th 2024;
  • Level 3 – August 16th-18th 2024;
  • Certification – September 19th-24th 2024.

Our myofascial release training is done in small groups so we can fully dedicate our attention to you. Unfortunately, we do not offer any payment deals, meaning the sum has to be paid in full.

This training program is fully endorsed by the Massage and Myotherapy assocication of Australia

Now that you’re aware of the world of myofascial release in Melbourne, the only thing left is to enroll in our course! We are at Lions Breath Wellness, 1/406 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Australia. However, you can check out our site or contact us directly if you need additional information.