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“Spirituality is a brave search for the truth about existence, fearlessly peering into the mysterious nature of life.” ~Elizabeth Lesser, Author

Spirituality is central to our lives and our existence in this universe. Spirituality does not necessarily have to be related to religion — it simply means making a meaningful connection to something broader than and beyond the self. And the exploration of your own spirituality starts with asking yourself reflection questions.

To Emerson and the Transcendentalists, spirituality came from nature and the personal experience. To Buddhists, spirituality is liberation from material and impermanent things. Fundamentally, spirituality is unique to every individual.

Whatever your beliefs may be, spirituality is an important topic worthy of engagement and exploration. Our connection to spirituality influences us constantly, both consciously and subconsciously. Whether it is with our understanding of divinity, morality, ourselves, or the universe, spirituality has significant benefits.

In this post, we pose nine questions that you should ask yourself when beginning the exploration of your own spirituality.

1. What are my intentions?

The first step in the exploration of your own spirituality is understanding your deeper intentions. Why are you beginning this exploration? Your journey will likely change you fundamentally, so you’ll want to know that you are approaching it with the correct mindset.

It’s very important to make sure you are embarking on this quest with key characteristics. These include faith, optimism, and an open mind. Those qualities will help you to understand your own values and as a result, you can truly accept the benefits that a strong sense of spirituality can afford you.

2. What do I hope to gain from this journey?

Setting your goals for the process is just as critical as recognizing your intentions properly. For example, do you hope for a better understanding of yourself? Are you interested in more peace of mind? Some see a unique conception of higher powers while others seek a better understanding of the world at large

Whatever your goals end up being, the action of establishing them is an essential first step to the exploration of your spirituality. Spirituality is truly a self-driven initiative, and you need to understand your aspirations in order to be successful.

3. Am I prepared to embark upon this Spirituality journey?

The exploration of your own spirituality can begin at any point in your life. And you can find comfort in the fact that billions have embarked on this journey before you, over the course of humanity.

There aren’t necessarily any mandatory prerequisites in your quest for a spiritual awakening. In other words, there isn’t a rule book with strict instructions. However, there are best practices and guidelines worth following with yourself. For example, asking yourself if you are comfortable with taking the next step can keep you mentally prepared to move towards greater awareness and wisdom.

4. Am I taking care of my physical body?

Spirituality has so much to do with the connection between your human body on earth and your higher mind and soul. For this reason, ensuring that you are not neglecting your physical self is absolutely crucial to the exploration of your own spirituality.

Kundalini yoga, a practice we specialize in at Bradley James Yoga, is especially helpful for taking care of your body and mind. Be mindful of your overall health and wellness, too. Other important considerations you should embrace include eating well, sleeping enough, and treating yourself with love.

5. What is my place in the universe?

Similarly to the first question, this critical question will help you establish your starting point in the journey towards spirituality. One of the most sought-after perks and benefits of engaging with your spirituality is gaining a better understanding of your purpose in life and your place in the world and the universe.

Before embarking upon this journey, take a step back and ask yourself about how you perceive the world around you. Write down your thoughts. In the future, this will be an essential reflection to look back to in order to understand how your spiritual awakening has affected your perceptions and your sense of belonging.

6. Do I need assistance in my Spirituality journey?

You have plenty to gain and absolutely nothing to lose in asking others for help in your quest for spiritual awakening. Here at Bradley James Yoga, we offer spiritual mentorship, which can help you immensely in your process of self-discovery.

There is no shame, during the exploration of your own spirituality, in reaching out for support and guidance. Many, as we said previously, have gone on this journey before you, and their work can and should be a resource for you. Make sure you are willing to reach out to others for assistance in your journey should you find yourself needing it.

7. Am I prepared to ask Spirituality questions that go unanswered?

You should never be afraid of asking questions that don’t have concrete answers. In a spiritual journey, your questions and conceptions about everything from the self to the universe may not have easy or readily-available answers. The process of creating your own understanding is a core element of spirituality.

Sometimes, people may abandon their quest for spirituality because of these unanswered questions. Do not let this happen to you! Make sure you are willing to let go of the mysteries of the universe and learn to accept that not all questions you come across on this journey will have answers.

8. Why is spiritual growth important to me?

This question is another one designed to ensure you understand your starting point in this journey. Why do you want to awaken your spirituality? What made you want to connect more deeply to yourself and the world around you? Why are you willing to undergo this process?

The answers to these questions will help you understand your motivations and guide your own journey. Every single person’s quest for spiritual growth is unique. Understanding why, exactly, you are embarking upon this journey is essential for you to properly develop some of the processes you will undergo and the questions you will ask yourself throughout your awakening.

Above all, these questions should help you establish a starting point in your explanation of your own spirituality. Knowing your intentions, goals, mindset, and confidence level is crucial to your pursuit of spiritual wellness.

It’s always important to remember that spiritual people tend to have certain practices they follow to help in their growth. Some examples include meditation, yoga, affirmations, and mindfulness. These behaviors are specifically designed to uphold a spiritual mindset and are unique to the individual’s journey.

Bradley James Yoga is grateful to help you kickstart your journey towards spirituality. We offer many other resources in regards to kundalini yoga and spiritual growth.