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Health and wellness are absolutely essential to our function as human beings. Unfortunately, many people wander through life woefully disconnected from their spiritual and emotional health. 

Learning about alternative health and wellness opportunities will allow you to forge your own paths, equipped with a deeper understanding of yourself and your body. From nutrition to happy movement, methods of lifestyle improvement abound. 

Holistic health focuses on natural, non-invasive remedies, a balanced way of life, and a sense of spiritual well-being. Because of how interconnected all body systems are, holistic health has become a better and better alternative to traditional medicine. 

Pursuing your holistic health and wellness will allow you to take control of your own body in order to support whole-person, committed living. Some concrete steps may include daily meditation, a study of your own spirituality, or kundalini yoga. 

Bradley James Yoga can help orient you. Not sure if the time is right to begin your journey? Read on for seven signs that you are absolutely ready to begin your personal holistic health and wellness quest. 

1. You actively desire change

The inevitable first step in your alternative health and wellness journey is a desire for change. Take a deep look at your life — is your current lifestyle working out for you? Do you feel happy, healthy, and in touch with your body? 

If you believe your current approach to health and wellness is not working out, and you are searching for some deeper connection to the world around you, the time may be right for a change. However, you truly need to want the change in order to be able to commit to putting one into practice. 

2. You want to get in touch with your spiritual side

You must be in touch with your spiritual side to achieve your true potential, especially in the practice of holistic health and wellness. If you have been feeling lost or unwell, it may be a result of a weakened connection between your physical and spiritual health. 

An essential facet of alternative health and wellness is being in touch with one’s spirit. Spirituality allows one access to a feeling of significance as a person and a certain harmony with nature and with others. 

If you have had trouble connecting to that side of yourself, meditation, as a part of your health and wellness journey, can help. 

3. You want to find your bearings in the world

Often, it is easy to feel small in a universe so large and multidimensional, among so many other people. Maybe you aren’t sure of your place within the world, or within your own world. 

Your relationships might be suffering from your unwarranted sense of insecurity or impermanence. The practice of yoga and meditation can help ground you in reality, and to help you understand your own position within your surroundings. 

An individualized process such as this one will allow you to truly become comfortable with yourself.

4. You wish for a deeper connection to your body

Similar to the previous point, you may be feeling a certain impersonality within your own body. Because the body is made up of so many interconnected systems, if you are neglecting any one aspect of it, the whole system may be affected. 

Especially with practices such as kundalini yoga, which focuses on activating the energy stored at the base of your spine, a holistic health and wellness journey can help you become much more aware of your own body.

Many people fail to consider the ways in which they inhibit their own bodies, and the ways in which they treat them. Taking care of your body in all of its various functions is essential to continued health. 

5. You feel in need of cleansing

At times, you may be feeling a certain build-up within you, whether mentally, physically, or spiritually. Problematic lifestyle choices may be catching up to you, or you may want to improve aspects of your life such as nutrition and mindfulness in order to achieve more clarity. 

The human body is constantly evolving, and you must be aware of the changes occurring in your body, lest there be a clog of negative energy. Natural remedies are non-invasive methods for you to improve your health and to remove some negative symptoms you are feeling within your body. 

6. You desire peace of mind

In the increasingly busy world we live in, it has become harder and harder to take time for yourself to just exist. Meditation, a part of the holistic health and wellness journey, is essential to peace of mind.

Meditation allows you time to recognize your own negative thought processes, to reflect upon yourself, to practice forgiveness and gratitude, and to eliminate stressors. All of these factors are essential to your mental well-being. 

If your mind has been feeling cluttered, it may be time to initiate an alternative health and wellness journey to achieve a clearer mindset.

7. Your diet is not supportive of your holistic health

Diet and nutrition are important factors contributing to your overall health and wellness. It is incredibly easy to consume food that is harmful to the body, especially with the addictive tactics of today’s junk food industry.

Just as you must respond to your body’s messages on mental and spiritual health, you also need to listen to its physical needs. A healthy gut is incredibly important to support the other facets of your health and wellness.

Some good nutritional choices include consuming superfoods that can help reduce inflammation and boost energy, eating antioxidants, and eating organic food. If you have not been listening to your body in terms of nutrition, it is definitely time to start. 

The most important aspect of establishing whether or not it is time to begin a spiritual health and wellness journey is being in touch with your body. Whether spiritual, emotional, or physical, your body can communicate with you what it needs. 

Overall, pursuing alternative health and wellness can be incredibly freeing and transformative. Whether through practicing meditation, yoga, healthy eating, mindfulness, or a combination of all four, a holistic health and wellness journey will make you more in tune with yourself than ever before. 

Bradley James Yoga is thankful to have started you on your journey. Be sure to look around on our website for more wellness content.